Have some words about me…written by me.

Once I was seven years old. No, I am not quoting Lukas Graham here.

Seriously, I was once seven years old and obsessed with The NeverEnding Story.  


(If you’ve never seen that movie – now is the time to go watch it, cheer on Bastian and sob ugly tears when Atreyu’s horse Artax dies in the swamp. Oops. Spoilers.)

Seven year old me loved to write. Thirty-one year old me loves to write as well, but that’s not the point. I loved to write and it didn’t matter whether I had paper to write on. I wrote on every surface that allowed me to, including my bedroom walls (which didn’t please my mother – at all.)

One day, while my mother was making dinner, I sat near the window still with my notebook and pencil and started writing the most brilliant story ever. It was two A4 pages long. After I wrote down the last word, I enthusiastically said, “I wrote a story!”

“Oh?” she said, absentmindedly stirring into the pot. (Actually, I don’t remember her doing that, but let’s pretend she did for dramatic effect.)

So I told her about a little boy, who was the only one who could rescue this world that was dying, and how he enlists the help of another little boy and–

“Hang on,” my mom said. (That’s true.) “Isn’t that just the plot of The NeverEnding Story?”

I huffed and remember pointing my finger at her, which she accepted with an eye roll. “No,” I said, trying hard to make a point, “because my horse doesn’t die in the swamp.”

And that’s the tale of how I totally plagiarized the first story I wrote. Plagiarizing is something I no longer do, but I still write fervently.

Fun fact

I got into journalism based on an essay I wrote and then got kicked out a year later when I didn’t pass any of the theoretic quizzes about politics in the 1800’s, current world-leaders and philosophy. Seriously, I hate philosophy.

Another fun fact

I studied English for a long time. I am ninety-nine percent convinced that my English is better than my Dutch – which is my native language. According to professors at university I sound like a true Cali girl, now I’m just holding my breath ’till I look the part as well.

Anyway. About me. That’s what this should be.

Writer. Procrastinator. Fan fiction. Incredibly gay.

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